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The Ukulady

The Ukulady (Thessaly Lerner) is a writer-creator-producer, singer-songwriter and musical entertainer who creates unique earworms, creative content and campaigns for the Downfall of Evil.

Described as the “Love Child” of Gilda Radner, PeeWee Herman and Cyndi Lauper, The Ukulady writes sing-alongables inspired by vintage rounds and harmonies, classics like the Beatles, indie rock like the Magnetic Fields and Mountain Goats, vaudeville, showtunes and opera.

A prolific songwriter and multi-faceted entertainer, The Ukulady has opened for Dr. Demento, shared the stage with famous hippies, Patch Adams and Wavy Gravy, been spotted/heard on, Sirius Kids Place Live, National Lampoon Radio, NPR, The New York Times, the Fillmore, comedy clubs, schools, libraries, pride parades, festivals and played hundreds of live shows for all ages throughout the world.

Her latest discography can be found on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes and anywhere digital music is offered.

Along with her solo musical pursuits, The Ukulady enjoys collaborating with other musicians. She is 1/2 of Kit’n’Tenders, a ukulele harmony driven duo with multi-instrumentalist, Gabby La La; download their album, Paws Out, on Bandcamp.


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